One of the Largest Importers of Red Snapper

Our History

Joe Monani Fish Company was founded in 1925. Joe was born in Padua, Italy. He came to the United States with a dream of having his own business.  Before he left Italy and sailed to New York he learned English to have a better chance of getting a job in America.  He landed in East Harlem, New York in 1918 and came across an ad in the New York Times classified for Italian-English interpreter in the Fulton Fish Market.

Most fish markets in New York were owned by Italians and Jews. He got a job at Wallace Keeny and Lynch Wholesale Fish Co.  After five years he opened his own company across the street. He started up a very successful business selling to New York’s most famous restaurants and a great relationship with all the Long Island fisherman.  In 1947 his son Edward helped him expand his business and was the first to truck loads of fresh fish from Florida to New York. They grew and became a major player in the Fulton Fish Market. 

In 1970 Edward Jr. Came to work for his father Eddie, and started selling salmon from all over the world, Canada, Chile, Norway, Scotland and snappers from Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Trinidad, Mexico, Panama and Guatemala. 

Today, Joe Monani is the largest importer of Caribbean fresh snapper in the United States and we keep on growing every year. 

We also have our own famous brand of Fulton’s Finest Calamari, and an entire selection of imported frozen seafood.  We have managed to become one of the largest and oldest fish wholesalers in the world famous Fulton fish market.  Due to honesty, integrity and moral character.  We have built a solid relationship world wide and believe that you take care of your suppliers and they will take care of you.

Edward Monani

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